Who am I

Isn’t that the question we all ask ourselves at a certain point in life?

Speaking for myself, I am a woman in my fifties. I’m dealing with the ugly and the beauty of (pre)-menopause. Since 10 years I’ve been walking a process of getting to know myself for who I am, and most importantly, for who I want to be and become. Now finding myself in pre-menopause for the last couple of years I see more and more sides of myself that had not been in the spotlights as of yet.

In relation to this process, where the main focus is about forgiving oneself, scripting self-commitments, and from there on applying oneself accordingly in daily life, I will share my self-forgivenesses and self-commitments in this blog. All my coming posts are written in the light of me being a woman in pre-menopause, this chapter of my life. Though my content will not only be about hot flashes and stopping monthly cycles.

Every blogpost will contain self-forgivenesses and self-commitment statements accompanied with an image provided with a self-realisation about the topic that is shared.

With this blog I want to reach out to all ladies struggling like me, and more over, to speak publicly about menopause since for too many it still is a taboo to talk about.

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